Globe float, May Day Parade 1953


Latah County Historical Society

Latah County Historical Society

Float in the 1953 May Day Parade on Main Street in Moscow, Idaho. Depiction of a blue and white globe on a white base. A white cross sits on top of the globe. Blue letters on the white base are unreadable. A small square with the number 60 is visible beneath the globe on the fron tof the float. An open book with what may be a bible verse sits in front of the globe, appears to partially read "And the last days...and of wars." Open book sits on a blue base/streamer. Group of children wearing banners walks behind the float. Truck with white cab and silver body drives behind the float. "Holsum" can be read on the front of the body. Possibly a dark red "M" on the side of the body. Building in background located at 112 North Main, people line the street. Signs in the background read "New Hotel Idaho", "Ad Club", "Idaho", and "Hotel". Parking meters can be seen behind the float and at the right hand edge of the photo.

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  • Title: Globe float, May Day Parade 1953
  • Date Created: 1953-05
  • Location: Moscow, Idaho
  • Subject Keywords: May Day Parade 1953, parade float, earth, holsum, Main Street, Moscow, ID
  • Rights: Latah County Historical Society
  • LCHS Object ID: 01-08-529


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