Globe-ink-pot - 2


Azerbaijan National Art Museum

Azerbaijan National Art Museum

1. The upper part of the globe consists of two copper plates and a small button is used to open it. It has two round parts used to store ink (or sand). Its leg orbits on the round copper part and it is divided into seven parts with vertical line and six parts with horizontal line. There are figures up to thirty written in the emerged small rectangular parts. The copper plate is divided into seven parts and the names of the days of the week have been written in Russian in them. The stronghold is rectangle shaped, has a drawer and has been decorated with glossy copper ornaments. The lower part of the globe has been attached to wavy strip shaped iron parts which have various (branches and flowers) ornaments on them.
2. It is same with the other one. It has no drawer.

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  • Title: Globe-ink-pot - 2
  • Creator: Unkown
  • Location: Russia, Tula
  • Medium: Metal/ Iron, smithery, refill, assembling


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