Goku -komon Patchwork

Kioi Art Gallery, Edo Ise-Katagami Kimono Museum

Kioi Art Gallery, Edo Ise-Katagami Kimono Museum

Goku-komon is even more intricate than the komon patchwork in the left . The techique is called kiribori, the oldest way to carve Edo-komon. Kiri, the cutting tool, is a tiny crescent-shaped blade (like half a cylinder) that is presses against the paper and rotated 180 degrees so as to cut out a tiny disc of paper. Extraordinary minute pattern can be cut by this method; in 1 square centimeter there may be as many as 100 holes. This katagami has many different kinds of pattern - cherry blossoms, flowing water , fans, etc. Though it looks like plain color with no pattern from the distance, you can see how good the artist's technique is if you get closer.

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  • Title: Goku -komon Patchwork


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