Gold and black direct tracing by Kistor




“I had heard tell of this building before I actually painted in it. Since the areas inside were closed, I started by painting on the outside – then I said to myself, “No way, I’ve got to get inside …” (Laughs) I’m old-school, from a generation that did a lot of chrome. Precise. Readable. I might paint in colour sometimes, but I’ve hung onto that philosophy. I had an outline for the lettering, then I added the bulldog’s head on the spot. I still think it’s pretty good, even though I’m the kind of graffiti artist who might be satisfied with each new piece – but still needs a fresh project by the end of the week. (Laughs)”

The artist biography:
Kistor is a tagger and graffiti artist who first started working in graffiti in Meaux in 1988. Having joined a number of crews, including 196EMP, VHS, TCB and MCT, he spent the 90s devoting as much time to the illegal form of graffiti as to its “authorised” cousin. He broke off these activities to embark on a career in rap, then came back to graffiti in 2010. His work perpetuates the tradition of classic graffiti stretching all the way back to the first generation of Parisian graffiti artists.

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  • Title: Gold and black direct tracing by Kistor
  • Creator: Kistor
  • Date: 2012
  • Location: pantin
  • Location created: pantin
  • External Link: GRAFFITI GENERAL


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