Gold Large-ball Earrings

Unknown6th Century, Three Kingdoms Period

Seokdang Museum of Dong-A University

Seokdang Museum of Dong-A University

Found from Geumjo Tomb in Yangsan, these gold earrings were laid in the stone panel. They seemed not to attach to the ear but were more likely attached to the belt. It is also possible that the deceased held them in their right hand.The main ring part is empty inside and the turtle shape decoration is highly decorated on the outside of the main ring. The middle part also has a turtle-shaped decoration outside. Using gold balls describing the turtle back was a quite usual technique in the ancient time and similar earrings were also reported from Bomunri, Gyeongju and Hoam Art Gallery in Seoul.

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  • Title: Gold Large-ball Earrings
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: 6th Century, Three Kingdoms Period
  • Physical Dimensions: h9.4 cm
  • Provenance: Seokdang Museum of Dong-A University
  • Type: Gold


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