Gold Necklace

UnknownSilla, 5th century

National Museum of Korea

National Museum of Korea

This necklace was found in situ around the neck of the deceased who was interred in the South Mound of Hwangnamdaechong Tomb in Gyeongju. It consists of a central comma‐shaped gold pendant and six hollow gold beads (three per side), connected by a gold chain. The necklace has clasps at the end, for easy removal. Overall, the design of the necklace is quite simple, but the symmetry of the gold beads and the refined shape of the comma‐shaped gold pendant give the necklace an aura of sophisticated beauty.
In addition to this necklace, the deceased in the South Mound was also buried wearing a “chestlace” ornament that was heavily decorated with glass beads and comma‐shaped jade beads. Interestingly, the deceased is thought to be male, so it is somewhat surprising that he was buried wearing such elaborate ornaments.

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  • Title: Gold Necklace
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: Silla, 5th century
  • Location: Hwangnamdaechong Tomb in Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Korea
  • Physical Dimensions: h33.2 cm
  • Original Title: 금목걸이
  • Type: Metalwork
  • Rights: National Museum of Korea


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