Gonzaga's collection, medal of Gianfrancesco Gonzaga


Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te

The Gonzaga section of the Civic Museum of Palazzo Te was not created around one donation but by bringing together various items from different sources. It is composed of an important collection of coins and of an even more significant collection of medals, some of the finest examples dating to Italian Renaissance. Finally, also on display are weights and measures from the Gonzaga period. One medal in particular stands out because of its author: it is the medal of Gianfrancesco (1394-1444), first Marquis of Mantua, of which we can admire the front. The work is by Antonio Pisanno, known as Pisanello, a genius of the International Gothic, also author of the largest existing chivalrous fresco, discovered in Palazzo Ducale by the superintendent Paccagnini in the seventies of the twentieth century.

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  • Title: Gonzaga's collection, medal of Gianfrancesco Gonzaga
  • Creator: Pisanello
  • Type: Collection


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