Good Mago

Jean Feldman2014/2014

Cidade Matarazzo

Cidade Matarazzo

“Totems dwell in the memory of men. They come from different eras and worlds. Through metal and wood, I gave life to a totem, made with demolition scrap.” Jean Feldman is, first and foremost, a builder, an architect of imagination. He creates witnesses that fall silent before the madness of our times, or lean forward forgivingly, observing the vanities of the world with a friendly gaze. Their forms are essential, as are their colours. The artist’s works are memories of those first centuries, revisited now in the materials of today and couched in contemporary language.

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  • Title: Good Mago
  • Creator: Jean Feldman
  • Date: 2014/2014
  • Provenance: Images © Ding Musa; courtesy the artist
  • Type: installation
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