Good Morning Bill

Chen Wan-Jen2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Good Morning. At the entrance, Mr. Bill welcomes you.

Artist Chen Wan-Jen altered the familiar Microsoft desktop function through digital software technologies and intriguingly reflects the perfect blue sky, under which, a golfer is swinging his club.

This work is an attempt to bring the viewer a familiar and pleasant sensation. The elements appearing in the picture do not imply anything; they represent a simple and pure visual meaning.

The artist aims to deconstruct the descriptive or narrative habits of artworks and let things return to whatever they are meant to be. Through the continuous and repetitive motions in the film, the artist prevents “meaning” from forming and simply invites the viewers to see and think about the simple images that have been presented as is, so that the viewers are enabled to describe the images and facts they have seen in their own terms. It is one of the ways the artist responds to the media.

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  • Title: Good Morning Bill
  • Creator: Chen Wan-Jen
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Repeated play cycles, single-channel film without sounds
  • Location: Private House at Dunnan