Gosanri Style Pottery

UnknownNeolithic Age

Jeju National Museum

Jeju National Museum

This pottery discovered at the Gosan-ri Neolithic site on the western part of Jeju features a trace of burnt leaves on the surface, showing that its clay was mixed with plant leaves before shaping and firing. Remarkably, the pottery was made even before the Comb-patterned pottery discovered on the Korean peninsula. It is announced that the relics is the cornerstone of the Neolithic culture in korean peninsula. The pottery is regarded as a bowl featured by flat bottom and erected mouth. The marks made by burnt leaves are looked as if the decorative marks. No similar pottery has been found in the mainland Korea or any other place.

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  • Title: Gosanri Style Pottery
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: Neolithic Age
  • Provenance: Jeju National Museum
  • Type: pottery