Gourd Container Used for Storing Seeds

unknownRepublic of Korea/Since the Liberation of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

Seed jongtaegi is a container used to store seeds. This type of container also includes seed bags, seed basins, daraekki (baskets with narrow mouth), and jongdaraekki. It is also called ssidunggimi, songdaei, ssibukke, or bugegi, depending on the region. A seed container was not generally produced separately, but instead used a basin or container that can store seeds for a long period of time. Among seed basins, daraekki was made of straw or bush clover and used when sowing seeds on the fields, gathering wild herbs or picking peppers. Jongdaraekki, which is smaller than daraekki, was used when sowing seeds for crops such as beans, adzuki beans, or potatoes. There are various forms of seed bags—one made by bending ash wood into a horseshoe shape before weaving the body to have a wide mouth; one made into a rectangular shape from the side with a circular top; a commonplace form made by weaving a rectangle with a long body, thick rim on the top and a pair of shoulder straps; and one with a rectangular or round bottom and a long neck with strings attached to tighten the mouth like a pouch. In addition to seed bags and jongdarekki, wicker baskets, baskets, gourds, or rip-offs were widely used to store seeds due to their simplicity and convenience.

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  • Title: Gourd Container Used for Storing Seeds
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date Created: Republic of Korea/Since the Liberation of Korea
  • Location: 한국
  • Physical Dimensions: Height 33
  • Type: Industry/Livelihood/Agriculture/Sowing and Cultivating
  • Medium: Grass/Gourd