Green mountains and blue Water

Wen JiaMing dynasty

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Zhao Mengfu (1254 - 1322) and Qian Xuan (1239 - 1301) of the Yuan Dynasty pursued the archaic style of blue and green landscape painting of the Jin and Tang Dynasties. A new trend in the restoration of ancient paintings developed from that time. With reference to the Yuan Masters, Wen Jia deployed the beauty of Ni Zan's 'one river; two banks' composition to evoke a lofty mood of detachment. The delicate brushwork accompanied by archaic blue?Vgreen colouring also helps to transform the pictorial scene of the Jiangnan river banks into a fairytale landscape and adds a touch of refinement to this fantasy scene.

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  • Title: Green mountains and blue Water
  • Creator: Wen Jia
  • Date: Ming dynasty
  • Theme: Landscape
  • Physical Dimensions: w30 x h114 cm
  • History of Donation: The Xubaizhai Gallery of Chinese Art was established in 1992, specifically for exhibiting the collection that donated to the Hong Kong Museum of Art by the famous connoisseur and collector of Chinese calligraphy and paintings, Mr Low Chuck Tiew (Liu Zuochou) in 1989.
  • Artist's Biography: Wen Jia, alias Xiucheng, was a native of Suzhou, Jiangnan province. He was the second son of Wen Zhengming (1470 - 1559) and brother of Wen Peng (1498 - 1573). He carried on his father's artistic pursuits. Wen once held the post of Education Instructor of Hezhou. He excelled at painting landscapes. Other facets of his talents included connoisseurship of painting and calligraphy, and poetry and calligraphy, for which he was particularly noted for his small regular script.
  • Type: Ink and colour on silk
  • Rights: Hong Kong Museum of Art


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