Guanti grotto in Tenerife, from the Canary collection

Kazimierz Stabrowski1911

Lithuanian Art Fund

Lithuanian Art Fund

The composition depicts a bright stony twilight, lighting up a pathway in the darkness, which is reminiscent of the inside of a cave. Although the colour spectrum of the painting is, at first glance, somewhat lacking and depressing, a closer look reveals a myriad of subtle colours and shades. Grey, brown, dark green, dark blue, and black tones fill the entire area of the painting, awakening strangely mystical sensations. The red strokes of the twilight shine and flare. The composition of light and darkness brings forth mystical forms and shadows. In the dark depths of the painting lies a bright, yet vague silhouette, a strange shape, which viewed at one angle is present in the picture, but invisible if viewed from another. The stones in the pastel create an allusion of the remains of a human, namely a skull and a hand. Reality is all but the cover that hides something truly incomprehensible and deep.

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  • Title: Guanti grotto in Tenerife, from the Canary collection
  • Creator: Kazimierz Stabrowski
  • Date Created: 1911
  • Physical Dimensions: 51 cm x 64 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Pastel on paper