Guilin (11)

Latiff Mohidin1990

National Heritage Board, Singapore

National Heritage Board, Singapore

Latiff Mohidin (1941), born in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia completed his primary education in Singapore. While in Singapore, his precocity in understanding paintings at an early age, earned him the nickname, �'Wonder Boy'�. From 1960 to 1964, Latiff studied art at Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in Berlin, Germany and did brief residencies in Paris and New York. Inspired by his exploration of Southeast Asia in 1964, Latiff has since produced a series of compelling artworks �- the result of a synthesis between his European experience and the rediscovery of his homeland. He is also a poet who has published several volumes of poetry. The Guilin series stems from Latiff�'s brief sojourn in China. '�Guilin (11)'� stands out from the rest of the series with its swift, bold and broad stroke of the brush. The painting appears to be the best representation in finding the intersection between the influence of Abstract Expressionism and the essence of Chinese ink painting.

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