Guilt Star, Ruan Xiaowu, nickname "Short-lived Second Brother"

Liu Xiaoping2000-2004

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Ruan Xiaowu is a man with eyes resembling bells, arms like iron staffs and a tattoo of a leopard on his chest. His nickname "Short-lived Second Brother" does not imply that he is short-lived, it means that his enemies are short-lived when they meet him and his murderous smile. Ruan Xiaowu is one of the leaders of the Liangshan navy. At last, he is killed by Fang La's premier, Lou Minzhong, during the campaign against the rebel leader Fang La.

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  • Title: Guilt Star, Ruan Xiaowu, nickname "Short-lived Second Brother"
  • Creator: Liu Xiaoping
  • Date: 2000-2004
  • Type: Root Carving
  • Physical Format: Length: 50cm Width: 27cm Height: 100cm
  • Medium: Fossilized Wood
  • Artist's Nationality: China
  • Artist's Gender: Male
  • Artist's Dates: 1970.02-