Joan Matabosch1800/1810

Romantic Museum

Romantic Museum

"It was probably at the beginning of the XIX century when Bernardí Llopis assigned Joan Matabosch to do a good instrument, simple but remarkable for his status. Master Matabosch built a guitar with the wood box of cypress, the handle of pine and the table of fi, materials of a high sound quality but no very noble, and between the bridge and the mouth glued a various wood marquetry as jacaranda, walnut tree and the cypress with the initials: B. LL.

Although the style of the guitar could seem rough and poorly treated, it has the resonance of a great instrument. Its timbre insinuates why through important performers, guitar passed from pubs to Royal halls.

Joan Matabosch considered one of the best Barcelona guitar makers and known beyond our country as the nickname “El Catalan” was trained in Barcelona with Francisco España. Some of the best guitarists of the XIX century, as Ferran Sor, played with Joan Matabosch instruments. Now we only know three guitars, a violin and a violoncello from this master."

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  • Title: Guitar
  • Creator: Joan Matabosch
  • Date Created: 1800/1810
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Physical Dimensions: 93 x 26.5 x 9.5 cm
  • Type: Musical instrument
  • Medium: Wood cypress, pine and spruce with marquetry of jacaranda, walnut and cypress