Gumball Dispenser

Timuçin Erk

Elgiz Museum

Elgiz Museum

The city of Istanbul is reminiscent of a balloon with its borders rapidly expanding
day by day. Almost every citizen of Istanbul chews and pops Istanbul like a
bubblegum. As they’re waiting for the day to spit this “gum”, they’re dreaming
about that little townhouse by the sea they’ll move to when the time comes. Each
bubblegum is a trace left on Istanbul, or maybe a scar.
The prints on the bubble gum machines are satellite images taken in 1966, 1970
and 1982 from Maslak, where Elgiz Museum is located today. The expansion of
the city is examined with these satellite images. The interaction of the audience
is aimed as they are invited to take and chew the gums.

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  • Title: Gumball Dispenser
  • Creator: Timuçin Erk
  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Physical Dimensions: 200x200x4
  • Type: sculpture