Bak Jong-chae1826

The Museum of Silhak

The Museum of Silhak

This is a wide-ranging collection of materials compiled by Bak Jong-chae (1780-1835) about the writings, personal affairs, life, friends, and achievements of his father Bak Ji-won (1737-1805). The collection was compiled in 1826 after four years of work, but was not published. At present, only a few copies remain. Volume 1 contains stories about Bak Ji-won’s early days including schooling, writing activities, friendships, and how he wrote the Jehol Diary about his stay in the Qing Dynasty of China, what his home life was like, his friendship with Hong Dae-yong, another Silhak (practical science) philosopher among other things; Volume 2 contains stories about Bak Ji-won’s service as a local administrator and his life in later years; and Volume 3 contains stories about his life after the age of 60, after serving as the local administrator of Aneui-hyeon, Hamyang-gun.

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  • Title: Gwajeongrok
  • Creator: Bak Jong-chae
  • Date: 1826
  • Location: The Museum of Silhak
  • Type: Manuscript