Hamburg and Archaeology: Flint Tools

Foto: AMHNeolithic

Hamburg Archaeological Museum

Hamburg Archaeological Museum
Hamburg, Germany

The south of Schleswig-Holstein was already densely populated during the Neolithic period, as is demonstrated by the numerous tools of skilfully worked flint. This assemblage of Neolithic flint tools comes from a school collection. Besides blades that served as preforms for different microtools, we find polished axe blades and carefully knapped daggers. The “casting seam” on one of the dagger hilts which was surely fashioned after bronze models hints at the imminent replacement of the raw material stone by the new metal.

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  • Title: Hamburg and Archaeology: Flint Tools
  • Creator: Foto: AMH
  • Date: Neolithic
  • Location: Norderstedt, District of Segeberg
  • Provenance: Archäologisches Museum Hamburg Stadtmuseum Harburg|Helms-Museum
  • Type: Flint Tools
  • Medium: Flintstone, Feuerstein