Handheld video game:Nintendo DS American Girl: Julie Finds a Way


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The Strong National Museum of Play
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Handheld video games have become increasingly popular since the launch of Nintendo's Game Boy in 1989. The DS (which stands for Dual Screen) is a seventh generation handheld video game console developed by Nintendo. It was released in 2004 and is distinguished by its dual LCD screens, the bottom of which is a touch screen. Each system includes a stylus to use on the touch screen, a microphone for use in certain games requiring voice recognition, and is the first Nintendo handheld system with stereo speakers. The DS also features a 10-30 meter wireless range, allowing players to interact with one another. All of these elements combine to create unique gaming experiences, where players are asked to touch, speak, and even tilt the system in order to succeed. In 2006, Nintendo released the DS Lite, which is a slimmer and lighter version with brighter screens. A third installment, the DSi, was released in 2009, and contains larger screens, two cameras, and the ability to edit pictures. It also offered an online store to download DSi exclusive games. The DSi is also available in a larger size as the DSi XL. The original DS and DS Lite included a second, larger cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance games, making the systems backwards compatible, but this extra slot was removed on the DSi and DSi XL. As of June 30, 2010, the combined sales of all the versions of the DS had reached 132 million, making it the best-selling handheld console in history.

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  • Title: Handheld video game:Nintendo DS American Girl: Julie Finds a Way
  • Creator: Nintendo
  • Date Created: 2007
  • Location: Japan
  • Subject Keywords: electronic game, video game, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, American Girl
  • Type: Handhelds
  • Medium: plastic, printed paper
  • Object ID: 111.2204