Harriet Louise Smith

Smith, Hamilton Sutton (1857-1924)1900/1910

Museum of African American History, Boston & Nantucket

Museum of African American History, Boston & Nantucket

Harriet Smith, or "Hattie," (1864-1916) was the younger sister of photographer Hamilton Sutton Smith and the daughter of John J. and Georgianna Smith. Harriet was a teacher at Boston's Bowdoin School, located on Myrtle Street in Beacon Hill and lived on Wellesley Park in Dorchester. Julia Hamilton Smith, Harriet's niece, remembered her, saying, "She was a very fine person, and she dressed very well, and in those days they used to use the Irish point lace; I can see her now; in lace and flowers and jewelry. Everybody knew her. She was brilliant, quite outspoken, for anything that was wrong, she was not a party to it, and everybody knew where she stood."

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  • Title: Harriet Louise Smith
  • Creator: Smith, Hamilton Sutton (1857-1924)
  • Date Created: 1900/1910
  • Rights: No known rights restrictions. Credit: Museum of African American History, Boston and Nantucket, 1973.01.205 (208)
  • Medium: Photograph, Glass Plate Negative
  • Collection: Hamilton Sutton Smith Collection