Hebrew chronicle

David Gans1592/1592

Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum in Prague

The first part briefly recounts Jewish history from the Creation to 1592. The second part, entitled Yemot Olam (“Days of the World”), deals with the history of the then known world and covers the same period. The chronicle is beneficial not only as part of the development of Jewish historiography, but also as a source of events from the author’s time, especially the sections focusing on the Prague Jewish Town. Gans made use not only of Hebrew sources, but also of non-Jewish chronicles, which are referred to in the preface and over the course of the book.The preface by the author is introduced with a poem dedicated to his brother Joshua Seligman Gans. Gans, a contemporary of the Maharal and Mordecai Maisel, maintained lively contact with a number of Christian scholars, such as Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler.

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  • Title: Hebrew chronicle
  • Date: 1592/1592
  • Technique: Letter-press, half-leather binding
  • Physical Dimensions: w15 x h18 cm
  • Original Title: ספר צמח דוד
  • Author: David Gans
  • Provenance: Jewish Museum in Prague
  • Type: chronicles
  • External Link: www.jewishmuseum.cz