Hebrew script on ceramics


Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

In the center of the town of Cástulo, a fragment of a ceramic bowl with a possible graphite in Hebrew was recovered, a bowl that should have been used as a cover for another container.

At this time, with few exceptions, in the Jewish communities they did not know Hebrew, although this was fossilized in small footprints that do not presuppose a sufficient knowledge of it.

Different interpretations of the text are proposed, although with difficulty, due to the nature of the support, the brevity of the text and the little skill of the person who wrote it.

One of the possible readings could be the following:

של כפרה
"Of forgiveness"

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  • Title: Hebrew script on ceramics
  • Date Created: 400/500
  • Physical Location: Archaeological Museum of Linares
  • Provenance: Monumental area of Cástulo
  • Medium: Pottery