Hexagonal Purple Sand Pot with “Da Bin” Seal

Yangzhou Museum

Yangzhou Museum
Yangzhou, China

Excavated from Zhengwangzhuang Ming-dyansty Tomb in Hongfei village, Dinggou town, Hongdu county of Yangzhou city in 1968, this Purple Sand (Zisha) pot has a hexagonal body, upright opening rim, slightly sloped shoulders, a spout with a hexagonal mouth and a curvy handle, along with a circular lid and a knob with a round upper surface featuring two linked arcs. In the center of its concave exterior bottom lies a seal of “Da Bin” in regular script. Its purple sand body has a fine, smooth surface, which looks ochre adorned with shining silver sands.

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  • Title: Hexagonal Purple Sand Pot with “Da Bin” Seal
  • Provenance: Yangzhou Museum
  • Physical Size: Overall height: 11 cm
  • Dynasty: Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644)