Hu Fang and Zhang Wei | Untitled (for redundant books)

Asia Art Archive2016

Asia Art Archive

Asia Art Archive
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Guangzhou-based Hu Fang and Zhang Wei intervene into AAA's library stacks with a selection of books inspired by gardening for 15 Invitations. Beginning in March, visitors can encounter these publications on experimental botany, farming, and gardening philosophy that activate alternative readings of AAA's collection. Reading groups and conversations based on the texts to be hosted in the coming months.

As part of untitled (for redundant books), Asia Art Archive will convene a reading group, discussion series, and written responses to the books. The first session will be held at AAA, where participants will be engaged in intimate conversations to encourage the exchange of their thoughts and interests stemming from the texts. A number of AAA guided and self-organised field trips will follow in the coming months to enhance the participants' mind-body experience.

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