Leonardo Torres Quevedo himself said that his laboratory was a studio devoted to the construction of mechanisms. Since he reached a great fame, some machines were constructed in the laboratory at the request of some scientists that were carrying out their researches at that time. Miguel Pérez Santano, Torres Quevedo's collaborator, invented a duplex system that improved the operation of the Hughes telegraphs of which the Museum preserves two models. What is new in this upgraded model of the Hughes telegraph is that it makes it being duplex, that is to say, a message could be inmediatly replayed since the duplex telegraph did not have to work sometimes as a recipient and some other times as a transmitter.

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  • Title: Hughes telegraph
  • Provenance: Leonardo Torres Quevedo donation. Originating from the Laboratory of Automation in 1928.
  • Type: Telegraph
  • Contributor: Leonardo Torres Quevedo
  • Medium: Bronze, wood