Hunting Carriage (“Wurst”) of Kaiser Franz II/I


Imperial Carriage Museum

Imperial Carriage Museum
Vienna, Austria

“Wurst" ("Sausage") is the designation originally given to carriages which were used for hunting which had a long weapons and material box parallel to the longitudinal axis. This box was covered with cushions and at the same time served as a bench which the hunters could sit on astride or back to back. This type of carriage, which was particularly popular during the Biedermeier period had its name bestowed upon it because of its sausage-like appearance. In this leisure vehicle for two passengers, which is also one of the festive carriages, the “sausage” can still only be recognised in parts. © Monica Kurzel-Runtscheiner: Crane Neck and Gold Crepine. Courtly Splendour and Contemporary art – a confrontation,
Exhibition Catalogue, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna 2004

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