Huqqa reservoir carved from nephrite jade, inlaid with gold in kundan technique, and set with cabochon rubies and emeralds. The body of globular form with a small, flattened base, with narrow carinating shoulders and a short tubular neck, with a moulding at its centre. The main decoration consists of seven staggered rows of lotus buds inlaid with rubies and their calyx in emerald, contained within an ogival trellis of gold wire. The flat base is outlined with a gold band and has a five petalled flower, the petals are inlaid with ruby and the ovule with an emerald, with fine diagonal engraving on the gold wire. At the point of juncture with the shoulders there is a gold band, and on the fluted shoulders, thirteen buds inlaid with rubies. On the lower half of the neck are ruby trefoils with emerald calyxes, alternated with emerald buds. On the upper part of the neck, a gold festoon issuing lotus flowers in ruby with emerald calyxes, alternated with emerald leaves. On the side of the moulding are twenty-one oval shapes inlaid with rubies, and on the top, a continuous scroll that issues ruby buds. The same scroll is repeated on the flaring lip contained within a band of gold wire.

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  • Title: Huqqa Reservoir
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1101 AH
  • Physical Dimensions: w18 x h19.6 cm
  • Decoration: Kundan technique used to form vegetal patterns.
  • Type: Carved & kundan worked
  • Rights: al Sabah Collection
  • Medium: Jade, inlaid with gold, rubies and emeralds.