Illustration of Capture of Bakō castle on Taiwan Islands

UtagawakokunimasaMeiji Period, dated 1895

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum


  • Title: Illustration of Capture of Bakō castle on Taiwan Islands
  • Creator: UtagawaKokunimasa
  • Date Created: Meiji Period, dated 1895
  • Location: Japan
  • Physical Dimensions: w29 x h14.5 in
  • Label Text: The Penghu Islands are located between the Island of Taiwan and mainland China. The Japanese Imperial Guard was in charge of its invasion. The campaign was launched on March 23rd and lasted for only 3 days, since the Japanese met with little or no resistance. Interestingly, peace negotiations had already started on March 20th, and in the beginning Penghu Islands and Taiwan were excluded from negotiations, allowing the Japanese to occupy them. The capture of The Penghu Islands prevented any Chinese reinforcements from being brought to Taiwan. On April 17th The Treaty of Shimonoseki ended The Sino-Japanese war, and Japan was rewarded with substantial territorial, political and monetary gains. Korea was recognized as an independent country, which allowed for increased Japanese influence. Japan took possession of Port Arthur, The Penghu Islands and Taiwan. Six days after the Treaty was signed, France, Germany and Russia intervened, forcing Japan to return Port Arthur to China. This loss was considered an insult in Japan especially after Russia leased Port Arthur from China a few days after Japanese troops withdrew.
  • Type: Print
  • Rights: Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Collection, Anonymous gift
  • Medium: Tryptich woodblock print, ink and colors on paper


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