Illustration to Muhammed Fuzuli’s "Bengu Bade" poem

Hajiyev Amir SakhliAli oglu (1898-1972)1960/1960

Azerbaijan National Art Museum

Azerbaijan National Art Museum

The work of art has been painted in miniature style. The composition is consist of four parts. In the lower part of the work a young boy in a half sitting position who is in oriental style clothes has been depicted on light yellow background.
He has cup with drink in it in one hand and wineglass in the other. There are grapes nearby. The sceen consist of five men has been depicted in the upper part. One of them is lain and others are looking at him. In the third part, and old man advising young boy has been depicted. In the left corner, there are grapes and jug in a tray. Fours sides of illustration have been decorated with ornaments. Light pastel colours have been preferred.

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  • Title: Illustration to Muhammed Fuzuli’s "Bengu Bade" poem
  • Creator: Hajiyev Amir SakhliAli oglu (1898-1972)
  • Date: 1960/1960
  • Location: Azerbaijan
  • Medium: Painting/ Paper, water colour,gouache