Images of the Family of Dukes Radvila

Martinus Franciscus Wöbe1758

Lithuanian Art Fund

Lithuanian Art Fund

Full title: "Icones familiae ducalis Radivilianae ex originalibus in Gazophylacio Ordinationis ab antiquo servatis picturis desumptae. Inscriptionibus historico-genealogicis ex documentis authenticis compendiose illustratae, anno 1346 ad 1758. Deductae."

Title in English: Wöbe Martinus Franciscus / Images of the Family of Dukes Radvila, Selected from Original Paintings Long Kept in the Treasury of the Ordynacja. Briefly Illustrated by Historical Genealogical Excerpts from Authentic Documents, Derived from 1346 to 1758.

Images of the Family of Dukes Radziwiłł is an album of graphic portraits, composed of 165 copies of the copper engravings from the Gallery of Nesvyžius. The collection of family portraits was started by Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł the Orphan (1549–1616), who kept the portraits in his castle. Later the gallery was expanded with portraits from the collections of other members of the family. The Gallery of Nesvyžius was greatly expanded during the ruling of Voivode of Vilnius and Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Michał Kazimierz Rybeńko Radziwiłł (1702–1762). The assembly of the album is attributed to him. The author of the panegyric, dedication to Michał Kazimierz Rybeńko Radziwiłł, and text commentaries is the Nesvyžiai Castle archivist Martynas Pranciškus Viobė. The copper engravings for the album were created by the court artist Herszek Leibowicz (1700–1770) and other court artists. The album contains the ex libris of Rybeńko Radziwiłł, which was created by Leibowicz. The cover is decorated with a super ex libris that probably belonged to the library of Castellan of Vilnius and Voivode Michał Hieronim Radziwiłł (1744–1831). The album was printed in the Jesuit printing house of Nesvyžius with a print run of only 50 copies.

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  • Title: Images of the Family of Dukes Radvila
  • Creator: Martinus Franciscus Wöbe
  • Date Created: 1758
  • Location: Nesvisii in typographia privilegiata ducali Radiviliana. Collegii Societatis Jesu
  • Type: Book