Ester de Sousa e Sá2012

Dionísio Pinheiro And Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation

Dionísio Pinheiro And Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation

The Imagination is fundamental for the creative spirit. By allowing ourselves to be seized by the wings of imagination, we transcend, uproot ourselves and fly to upper levels. Mother Nature represented by the tree of life which in the Hebraic-Christian mythology is seen as a symbol of Wisdom, in a perfect analogy with the Woman Wisdom, positive symbols of creation.
Ah! To fly high and believe with heart and soul,
That life is just a chimera where it fits the dream and the reason!
(Extract of the poem Fantasy by Ester de Sousa e Sá)

Ester de Sousa e Sá was born in Portugal and in 1952 she emigrated with her parents to Africa, living there for 44 years, where she grew up and was educated in a English colony. After her marriage, she moved to Mozambique and in 1975 she moved to South Africa with her family.
Despite having pursued a banking career, her passion for the arts led her to start oil painting in the late 1960’s, developing her own technique.
In 1996, she returned to Portugal and since then has dedicated herself entirely to the arts, beside painting, she has done sculpture and more recently she is been experimenting creative writing, with four books already published.
In her artworks she prefers to exalt the beauty that exists in life and she dedicates herself to art with passion and excitement. She describes herself has a naturalist that, in her realist/impressionist style, paints everything that touches her artistic sensibility, giving color to the white canvas. Her works are born from the pleasure and passion she has for art, leading her to paint what she sees, feeling in the soul what she paints.
Over the years, she has participated in several art exhibitions, both individual and collective.

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  • Title: Imagination
  • Creator: Ester de Sousa e Sá
  • Date Created: 2012
  • Location Created: Espinho
  • Physical Dimensions: 580
  • Provenance: Donated by the artist
  • Medium: stoneware and Folder mold
  • Original Title: Imaginação
  • Credit Line: Text: © Ester de Sousa e Sá, Translation: © Ester de Sousa e Sá, Photo: © Hugo Almeida