National Gugak Center

National Gugak Center

<the meaning of <i>Iminjinyeondobyeong>

Iminjinyeondobyeong is a ten-panel folding screen created in 1902, on which were painted scenes from the court banquet commemorating Emperor Gojong’s (r. 1863–1907) induction as a member of the Giroso (耆老所), an honorary society organized by the state for civil-courtiers over 70-years old.
In fact, Emperor Gojong only turned 51 years old in that year, yet, out of an abundance of respect, the emperor was made a member of the society. From its first panel to its fifth, the screen presents scenes from the induction ceremony for the emperor up to and at the Giroso building. On the sixth through ninth panels, court dancers and musicians performing at the special banquet are painted in detail. The dobyeong, created during the time of the Korean Empire (1897–1910), highlights the performing arts as well as the history and culture of the Joseon Dynasty. It is a precious cultural heritage and is currently held by the National Gugak Center.

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  • Title: Iminjinyeondobyeong(壬寅進宴圖屏)
  • Date Created: 1902-04
  • Provenance: National Gugak Center
  • Medium: Color on Silk