In danger, not dangerous

Alex Kurunis (UK)2015/2016

Street Art Museum

Street Art Museum

The images presented by the photographer Alex Kurunis were taken in the Greek island of Kos in August 2015. As he himself describes: “Kos is one of the key landing points for refugees crossing into Europe from different countries. Such stopping points within a larger journey to safety are characterised by a distinct sense of unknowing and anxiety. Travelling to new places without a clear idea of where you will end up, each step of the way filled with moments hinging upon a thin line between life and death; from the treacherous conditions in which they crossed the channel, to more everyday dangers from lack of sanitation and illness. What was clear more than anything however was that contrary to the persistent heartless portrayals in populist media, these people posed no threat to anyone: they are in danger, not dangerous”.

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  • Title: In danger, not dangerous
  • Creator: Alex Kurunis (UK)
  • Date Created: 2015/2016
  • Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Medium: Photographic installation