Incroyable et Merveilleuse

Vernet, Horace Emile-Jean

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Incroyable et Merveilleuse was a set of 33 engravings, published in 1814 , depicting extremely fashionable French men and women. They were engraved by George-Jacques Gatine after drawings by Horace Vernet and Louis-Marie Lanté. Whilst most fashion plates were on a small scale, designed to fit in women's magazines such as the Journal des Dames (which Gatine contributed to), the Incroyable et Merveilleuse plates were on a grander scale, designed for print collectors. Gatine's fashion engravings, particularly the Incroyable et Merveilleuse series, are now considered some of the finest records of French fashion of this period.

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  • Title: Incroyable et Merveilleuse
  • Creator: Vernet, Horace Emile-Jean
  • Date Created: 1814
  • Location: Paris
  • Physical Dimensions: Height: 14.25 in, Width: 9.375 in

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