Interplan2 Architects – Camillo + Alessandro Gubitosi, Installation view at Palazzo Mora, 2016.

Photo: GAA Foundation

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Interplan2 Architects is an Architecture based business promoting sustainability and innovation, intended as the continuous questioning and transformation of the built environment to match the pace of contemporary communities’ evolution. Our Architecture is largely influenced by climate and culture. Climate affects architecture at a local level, or at continental scale, as well as Culture. Architecture is the art of creating consistent combinations of constructive measures aimed at transforming the environment through its improved relationship with Climate and Culture. From the proper definition of this relationship with Climate comes sustainability, from that with Culture comes the architectural expression.
We achieve that by studying and understanding our clients’ businesses and context of operation. Whilst Space and Time refer to a “classical” formulation of Architecture as a four-dimensional domain, the term Existence refers, in our perception, to the actual context of conception of a work of Architecture. As a cognitive practice, the architectural design project aims at framing the global conditions that influence the process of generation of the demand for Architecture. Projects are originated in different exigency realms, and are symptomatic of the special social, economic, and environmental conditions determining their opportunity or need.
Three different, although interconnected, generating conditions are explored within the three selected projects shown, all concerned with actuality themes at a global level:
1.The evolution of workplace strategy of the prime Italian telecommunications company, tends to escape the traditional hierarchical and static space, swerving toward a dynamic configuration (smart working concept) of the workspace capable of promoting unpreceded flexibility and mobility: the new Telecom Italia Rome Pomezia Headquarters designed by Interplan2 Architects.
2.The theme of environment impoverishment, resulting from the conditions of extreme urbanism characterizing contemporary China, is the focus of Green Living Project, developed by Interplan2 Architects for a Shanghai start-up company. As an antidote, the scheme explores some of the prophecies anticipated by the European avant-garde in the last decades (Residential Agriculture / Urban Agriculture), coupled with state of the art technology for energy and environmental sustainability.
3.The consolidation of Western security assets, associated with social and political events that shaped our current epoch, materializes in the upgrading of NATO infrastructure in Europe and in Italy. The military organization migrates to the spatial and organizational standards widespread in current corporate realities: the new NATO JFC Naples Headquarters.
The installation is comprised of three separate panels, made of the materials that most characterize each project. Thus, the Telecom project panel is coated with a RAL 3028 Liuni red vinyl flooring material; the Green Living project panel is built of Chinese Cypress slats, and the NATO project is framed by a composite aluminum panel, in some cases documenting, in others anticipating, the actual Existence of re-thought built form.

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  • Title: Interplan2 Architects – Camillo + Alessandro Gubitosi, Installation view at Palazzo Mora, 2016.
  • Creator: Photo: GAA Foundation