Into the Space

František Hudeček1931

Muzeum umění Olomouc

Muzeum umění Olomouc

In the work of František Hudeček the influence of Italian metaphysical painting (Giorgio de Chirico, 1888–1978) is apparent, it was close to his heart because of its inclination towards phantasy and relaxed imagery. For that matter, František Muzika (1890-1974) also captured dreams and visions in his paintings and he liked, apart from automatic drawing, the technique of the crooked mirror. The painting titled Into the Space is a vision of an imaginary landscape with a dominant organic and dynamic structure (or a concretization of the painter's inner model), the elegance and perfect shape of which is disturbed and bound by stripes of an unknown material or plant. The painting is rendered in the virtuoso painting technique in the spirit of veristic surrealism.

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  • Title: Into the Space
  • Creator: František Hudeček
  • Date: 1931
  • Physical Dimensions: 58 x 52 cm
  • Medium: tempera, canvas