Introduction of Kushiori-Obi


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Kushi-ori obi
Weaving techniques that result in textiles with undulating surfaces have been known since ancient times, but kushi-ori, weaving with a boxwood comb, is comparatively recent, considered to only date back to Japan’s Edo period, which began in the 17th century. Kushi-ori textiles are a type of plain weave kasuri textile made with just the warp dyed (tategasuri), although kasuri textile can be woven with either the warp or weft dyed, or with both dyed. The beautiful tategasuri textiles in the Shosoin repository in Nara long inspired Kyoto weavers, but the rare threads required are disappearing and no more artisans remain in Kyoto, so production of the textile has come to a halt. One by one, the precious weaves of the Nishijin district are dying out.

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  • Title: Introduction of Kushiori-Obi
  • Creator: 山口源兵衛
  • Fashion House: Genbei Kondaya
  • Manufacturer: Shirotaro Minami
  • Location Created: Kyoto, Japan
  • Type: Kushiori-Obi