Inventory of books and Art Works Collected in the Ilhan-jae Studio

Government of JoseonJoseon, 1726 (Year 2 of Yeongjo)

Academy of Korean Studies

Academy of Korean Studies

A list book of paintings and calligraphic works stored in ilhanjae in 1726 (Year 2 of Yeongjo). Ilhanjae was where Yeongjo used to live before ascending the throne and it was situated between Gyeongbok palace and Ingyeong palace. After he left this place, it was used as an archive to collect art works. This book was published when Yeongjo was bequeathing his collection to the crown prince Hyojang. The book first lists down the Confucian classics followed by king’s writings and paintings, and works and numbers of Chinese and Joseon painters. This is found only in Jangseogak and is the oldest royal art work collection book present.

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  • Title: Inventory of books and Art Works Collected in the Ilhan-jae Studio
  • Creator: Government of Joseon
  • Date: Joseon, 1726 (Year 2 of Yeongjo)
  • location: Jangseogak, Academy of Korean Studies, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. Korea
  • composition: 1 book
  • Physical Dimensions: w18.2 x h26.9 cm
  • Original Title: Illhan-jae sojaechaekd chibu (일한재소재책치부, 日閑齋所在冊置簿)
  • Korean caption: 1726년(영조 2) 일한재(日閑齋)에 소장된 서책, 서화들의 목록집. 일한재는 영조(英祖)의 잠저(潛邸)로 경복궁과 인경궁 사이에 있었는데 즉위 후 서화 소장품을 수장하는 서재로 활용되었다. 이 자료는 영조가 즉위한 뒤 장남 효장세자(孝章世子)에게 수장품을 물려주며 작성한 것이다. 목록은 경서류를 적은 다음 어필과 회화, 그리고 중국과 조선의 서화가들의 작품 명과 수량을 간략하게 열기하였다. 장서각 유일본으로 현존하는 왕실의 서화수장목록 중 가장 오래되었다.
  • Provenance: Academy of Korean Studies
  • Type: Manuscript
  • Rights: Academy of Korean Studies

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