Investigative Star,Mu Hong,nickname"Unrestrained"

Liu Xiaoping2000-2004

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Mu Hong is a handsome and talented looking man with an impressive appearance and eyebrows that resemble silkworms. He has a younger brother, "Little Unrestrained" Mu Chun. The brothers are from a wealthy and influential family in Jieyang Town. Mu Hong is famous for his bravery and prowess in martial arts. Mu Hong is one of the Eight Tiger Cub Vanguard Generals of the Liangshan cavalry. Finally, he dies of illness in Hangzhou during the campaign against the rebel leader Fang La.

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  • Title: Investigative Star,Mu Hong,nickname"Unrestrained"
  • Creator: Liu Xiaoping
  • Date: 2000-2004
  • Type: Root Carving
  • Physical Format: Length: 40cm Width: 30cm Height: 103cm
  • Medium: Fossilized Wood
  • Artist's Nationality: China
  • Artist's Gender: Male
  • Artist's Dates: 1970.02-