ISS006-S-001) Revised.


Washington, DC, United States

(ISS006-S-001) Revised -- The International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 6 crew patch depicts the Station orbiting the Earth on its mission of international cooperation and scientific research. The Earth is placed in the center of the patch to emphasize that work conducted aboard this orbiting laboratory is intended to improve life on our home planet. The shape of the Space Station's orbit symbolizes the role that experience gained from ISS will have on future exploration of our solar system and behond. The American and Russian flags encircling the Earth represent the native countries of the Expedition 6 crew members, which are just two of the many participant countries contributing to the ISS and committed to the peaceful exploration of space.

The NASA insignia design for International Space Station missions is reserved for use by the crew members and for other official use as the NASA Administrator may authorize. Public availability has been approved only in the forms of illustrations by the various news media. When and if there is any change in this policy, which is not anticipated, the change will be publicly announced.

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  • Title: ISS006-S-001) Revised.
  • Location: Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
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