It is Dawn in Spain / Civil War Poster, 124

Unknown. Signed by1935

Museo Reina Sofia

Museo Reina Sofia

During the Spanish Civil War, pro-Franco poster production was dominated by a strict iconographic discourse based on military discipline and caudillo-style government (a regime controlled by a single, strong leader). As pointed out by historian Carmen Grimau, such doctrine was reflected in the motto of General Millán Astray: "Una Patria, España. Un Caudillo, Franco" (One Fatherland, Spain. One leader, Franco).

Representations of soldiers in Franco's Spain never cease in their idealization of their "redeeming mission". This poster shows the characteristic fascist salute, with the right arm raised high, and the symbol of the yoke and arrows that identifies the Phalange. It is accompanied by the slogans "En España amanece" (Dawn has come to Spain) and "Arriba España" (Up with Spain). The former alludes to a recurring metaphor in the fascist imaginary which identifies dawn with the beginning of the new era of victory and prosperity, while the latter is the salute used habitually by the Nationalists.
The salute is performed by three identical individuals, free of any type of differentiating element. This means, on the one hand, that the figures can be used as subjects of identification by anyone who looks at the poster, but at the same time they convey a homogenizing image of individuals that is characteristic of both fascism and nazism.

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  • Title: It is Dawn in Spain / Civil War Poster, 124
  • Creator: Unknown. Signed by
  • Date Created: 1935
  • Style: Graphic art
  • Provenance: Private Collection
  • Physical Dimensions: w230 x h300 mm
  • Original Title: En España amanece / Cartel Guerra Civil, 124
  • Type: Poster
  • Medium: Photolithography