Jack Gibson describes playing the role of Rex Redman on the radio

Smithsonian Productions1991-04-09

Archives of African American Music and Culture

Archives of African American Music and Culture


  • Title: Jack Gibson describes playing the role of Rex Redman on the radio
  • Creator: Smithsonian Productions
  • Date Created: 1991-04-09
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  • Transcript: And you know, Chicago as I said was the mecca of radio drama. That's where Lux came from - the Lux Radio Theatre, Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy, Orphan Annie, and all of those shows. So there were only about four or five Black actors at that time. And one of them, who is now into what we call the "variety world" of entertainment - he's the only one left living of the gang that was back in those days - was Oscar Brown, Jr. And he played the part of - his voice was a light kind of a voice - so he played juvenile roles. I played, I guess, the heavies. And I was one of the brothers of the family. My name was Rex Redman. It was a story about the ongoing saga of the family called the Redmans. We lived in a Southern town, and our father was a doctor, and my mother was a schoolteacher. And one of my sisters was a schoolteacher. And we had a brother who went away to war and came back. And he saw the injustices. He was fighting for his country, yet when he came back he still couldn't eat where he wanted to, and he couldn't sit in the bus where he wanted to, and things like that. So he was about to create some havoc in this little, Southern town. And my part of Rex Redman - I was the ne'er-to-do-well son who played trumpet in jazz joints all night and slept all day. And nothin' bothered me, but a good time and good women.
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  • Special collection number: SC 39
  • Special collection name: Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was
  • Personal name: Gibson, Jack
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