Jack Gibson remembers the people behind the Mr. and Mrs. Swing program in Atlanta

Smithsonian Productions1993-09-14

Archives of African American Music and Culture

Archives of African American Music and Culture


  • Title: Jack Gibson remembers the people behind the Mr. and Mrs. Swing program in Atlanta
  • Creator: Smithsonian Productions
  • Date Created: 1993-09-14
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  • Transcript: The first one that I remember was with me in Atlanta. She was "Mrs. Swing." Mayme Bondu was her real name, and her husband was Dave Bondu, and he was Mr. Swing. So, their program - I was sort of like, I guess you'd call it I was sort of like the program director - but I guess it wasn't so much the word of being program director as just that everybody had ideas of trying to make programs sound different and better. And I remember listening to programs and I thought a man and woman doing a program together would be very, very hip because then they could counteract with their words and whatnot. And back and forth, and back and forth. It was like a conversational thing. So, they said they would try. So we named them "Mr. and Mrs. Swing" 'cause you know Swing was big music in those days. So we said - the idea came up was, "Hey play the part of the very domineering wife." That was what we told Mayme. And we told her husband Dave to play the part of Casper Milquetoast. You know, the very meek and mild individual. And so they'd get on the air, and she would say, "I've told you time after time again don't come into my studio, into my room, with your hair just combed halfway. Comb your hair all the way at home or don't come in here!" And he'd say, "Yes, dear. The next time. I just didn't have enough time to comb my hair because you was rushin' me out the house." "Well rush you or not, next time just have your hair combed. Don't you come in here lookin' like an old ragamuffin'." And he'd say, "Yes, dear. What record are we gonna play now?" And she'd say, "What record are we gonna play? You mean what record am I gonna play? I'm gonna play Ruth Brown's latest tune, 'Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean,' and you better like it!" And he'd say, "Anything you say, honey-dumplin', I'll like." So she became a very big figure. In fact, that whole team. That was a very strong team.
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  • Special collection number: SC 39
  • Special collection name: Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was
  • Personal name: Gibson, Jack


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