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The Victoria and Albert Museum

The most obvious decoration on the front of this jacket is the metal braid that encircles the neck, extends down most of the front and then folds back along itself to form Z- and S-shapes. On the front right, the braid is placed along the edge but on the front left it is placed 4cm (1.75 in) in to allow for the jacket to fasten right over left. A red silk cord has been applied along both edges and also forms soft loops which are secured under the metal braid on the left front.

Three groups of three buttons have been stitched onto the front right panel. These are made from lead and surprisingly long and, consequently, non-functional. The bulbous half can be seen, the other half forms a thick shaft with a hole at the far end. Unlike most buttons, these do not have a short loop holding them in place, they are rigid and because the bulb of the button is right against the edging cord, it is simply impossible to fix the loop around it.

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  • Title: Jacket
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1800/1809
  • Location: Obrovac
  • Provenance: Given by George Hubbard
  • Medium: Felt, embroidered with wool and decorated with metal braid


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