Cristóbal Balenciaga for Balenciaga1946

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

A jacket to accompany a party dress. The front is ivory satin and the back is black crepe. Reinforced with shoulder pads. Short, below the bustline, with V-neck and collar with lapels. Fastens at the front with two buttons and a tied with the pieces that extend from the sides. The front is embroidered with chenille thread, acetate sequins, beads and twisted golden thread to form floral motifs of Oriental influence.

Made in Paris for the February 1946 collection, model number 113. It is a magnificent piece embroidered by Lesage, a close collaborator of the Balenciaga house. Also known as “La Perse”, it is identical to the model held in the Nederlans Kostuummuseum in The Hague, property
of the Dutch concert pianist Else Rijkens. It was worn with a black dress and a matching hat in embroidered satin.

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