Jade Elephant

Suzhou Museum

Suzhou Museum

This work is engraved on a piece of round white jade. The elephant stands up straight but looks back from the right. It is big and plump with a boy climbing up on its back. The boy wears a short jacket, a pair of trousers, boots, and a gold hoop. He is holding two mums in his right hand and a tree branch in his left. His left leg bends a little, but the right hangs straight. He has a very relaxing expression implying that he comes from a rich family.
The jade looks pure and soft, one of the rare kinds of jade in the world, which is called “suet white jade”, a very special local product of Hetian, Xinjiang.
This elephant symbolizes peace and tranquility.

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  • Title: Jade Elephant
  • Provenance: Suzhou Museum
  • physical dimensions: Length14.8CM Height9.7CM Thickness6.4CM
  • medium: Pottery
  • dynasty: Qing


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