JAMES R. GARFIELD (1865–1950)

Harrington Mann (1864–1937)1909

U.S. Department of the Interior Museum

U.S. Department of the Interior Museum
Washington, DC, United States

James R. Garfield was the son of President James A. Garfield. He practiced law in Cleveland and served as a state senator. President Roosevelt first tendered Garfield the position of civil service commissioner, and then he served as commissioner of corporations in the new Department of Commerce and Labor. Garfield accepted Roosevelt's nomination for secretary of the Interior and tackled administrative and organizational reforms with vigor. He also staunchly upheld Roosevelt's conservation agenda in defending natural resources, preserving land and conserving water through dam construction. At the conclusion of Roosevelt's presidency, Garfield returned to his law practice. He would go on to serve on commissions under Presidents Coolidge and Hoover but otherwise withdrew from the political spotlight.

Artist Harrington Mann was a Scottish portraitist known for his works of members of high society and the British royal family. Circa 1900 he opened a studio in New York City and grew his reputation within the United States.

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