Jibongyuseol (Topical Discourses of Jibong)

Yi Su-gwang17th Century

The Museum of Silhak

The Museum of Silhak
Namyangju-si, South Korea

This encyclopedic work written by Yi Su-gwang (1563-1628) aimed to introduce his readers to cultural achievements made outside Korea and of which he had gained knowledge through China. The book contains a total of 3,435 entries arranged into 182 categories under 25 sections, with all the texts carefully referenced. The content and format of the book exerted a strong influence upon some important books written by the younger generation of Silhak scholars, such as Miscellaneous Writings by Seongho (Seonghosaseol) by Yi Ik (1681-1762), A Study on the Names of Things (Mulmyeonggo) by Yu Hui (1773-1837), and Scattered Manuscripts of Glosses and Comments by Oju (Ojuyeonmunjangjeonsango). The book also contains an introduction of the world map the author saw in The True Doctrine of the Lord of Heaven (Tianzhu shiyi) with a title, "General Map of European States."

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  • Title: Jibongyuseol (Topical Discourses of Jibong)
  • Creator: Yi Su-gwang
  • Date: 17th Century
  • Physical Location: The Museum of Silhak