Each year since 1994, jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, cutters, and collectors meet in an official venue for a Puzzle Parley. Over the course of a weekend the group holds an official program of workshops, lectures and displays; they also visit nearby puzzle-related attractions (individual collectors, manufacturers, etc.) and spend time buying, selling and swapping jigsaw puzzles. Participants who cut their own puzzles can also participate in an official "Pagey Elliott Puzzle Exchange," named in honor of Rachel Page Elliott (1913-2009) whose idea for an open exchange led to the first Puzzle Parley in 1994, and who began cutting wooden puzzles in her 70s. 2016 was the 23rd year that this group has got together and traded puzzles. And each cutter made one extra puzzle as a donation to the collection at The Strong.

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  • Title: Jigsaw puzzle:Puzzle^2
  • Creator: Cesare Rocchi
  • Date Created: 2016
  • Location: Italy
  • Subject Keywords: Multicolor
  • Type: Puzzles
  • Medium: wood
  • Object ID: 116.5348
  • Artist: Cesare Rocchi